Aftercare, maintenance and support for your EV charging point

At Mr Charger, we are extremely proud of our high standard of installation and customer service. But not only do we seek to provide our prestigious service to our new customers, but to existing customers too. Our specialists will continue maintenance for installed EV charging stations, regardless of the manufacturer. We strive to meet the needs of our customers, as well as the expectations they seek from their EV charging stations.

We Listen

Our experts are constantly on hand to offer support methods for our customers, as well as those with existing EV charging stations installed by other companies. Not only will our specialists provide repair services, but they will also arrange surveys, troubleshooting, and careful planning to begin maintenance. Our customer care doesn’t end there, we also pride ourselves on thorough communication with our clients, ensuring that we understand each intricate detail and expectation from an EV charging station.

We Care

The smooth operation of your EV charging station is our number one priority. To ensure this, annual aftercare is available, as well as other options, such as our helpline. Being able to contact a specialist almost instantly via our helpline is a huge benefit for our customers. Not only will this receive expert advice and diagnostics over the phone, but further options, such as emergency repair if needed.

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    Why choose Mr Charger

    • Excellent Customer Service

      Excellent Customer Service

      We go above and beyond for all of our clients as we want to ensure we are providing you with the best service
    • Streamlined Enquiry and Survey Process

      Streamlined Enquiry and Survey Process

      We have a streamlined enquiry and survey process to help improve our customer journey. Powered by Jumptech.
    • OZEV Approved Charge Point Installer

      OZEV Approved Charge Point Installer

      We are OZEV approved installers which means that you can benefit from OZEV grant schemes
    • Wide Choice Of Charging Points

      Wide Choice Of Charging Points

      Our expert engineers have experience with fitting a wide array of different charging points
    • Experts in EV Installation

      Experts in EV Installation

      Our knowledgeable team are experts in what they do and are on hand for any questions you may have
    •  Lots of Happy Customers

      Lots of Happy Customers

      We are highly rated on Google, as well as other reviewing platforms

    EV Maintenance FAQs

    Just like any other form of electrical equipment, EV charging stations absolutely require maintenance. Though our installations and products are of an amazing standard, electrical faults may occur over time, just like any piece of technology. Futhermore, EV charging stations are usually based outdoors and althrough robust, may be effected by certain weather conditions, bumps or tampering.

    Often with technology and electrical equipment, faults may not be apparent from the outside as damage or wear may not be present. Instead, faults may be noticed in terms of functionality and not meeting expectations. Regardless of the reason, or even suspectation, be sure to contact Mr Charger’s support team for EV maintenance options.

    The maintenance of an EV charging point involves extremely high voltage risks. Tasks such as this require highly trained and qualified personnel, such as our experienced specialists. Attempting such a thing may result in injury or damage to your property, workplace or personnel.

    Whilst being very subjective, it depends on certain weather conditions, usage and the number of those using the EV charging station. Providing this information to our support team will be a great way to receive an accurate scope for your EV maintenance needs.