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Why it’s worth getting an EV charge point installed at your holiday home

If you’re a holiday home owner, installing an electric vehicle (EV) charging point at your property is worth some serious consideration. 

An EV charging point is an excellent investment and a sure-fire way to boost your rental bookings. It’s no secret that the number of EV owners is on the rise; one in three cars sold in the UK in December 2022 were electric. Many of these new owners will soon be planning trips away in their new vehicles, and EV charge point availability is likely to be at the top of their list when browsing for the perfect break. 

Fulfil the demand for EV charging points 

As EVs grow in popularity, public charging infrastructure is being developed at a rapid pace across the country. However, during peak-tourism season in some popular destinations, these public services can fall short. As an ever-increasing number of holiday-makers seek accommodation with EV charging available to avoid this issue, your holiday home could appeal to a whole new customer base.  By providing an EV charge point at your accommodation, you make EV charging fuss-free for guests, setting your property out from the crowd. 

EV charging units at holiday homes provide guests with next level convenience and comfort. Holiday-makers can charge up as soon as they arrive, and explore the local area without range anxiety. By catering for the eco-conscious customer, you’ll have something to shout about. Also, as EVs become the norm, guests will begin to expect EV charging units to be readily available, so you’ll be ahead of the curve!

Help towards the cost of an EV charge point installation 

Holiday home owners can now get help towards the cost of an EV charge point installation. The UK government recently expanded the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) to enable holiday and short-stay accommodation providers to apply for a grant covering up to 75% of the total cost (up to £350) of the purchase and installation of an EV charging point. 

When installing an EV charging point, you’ll quickly see a return on your investment. You might choose to charge customers for each use, and there are excellent software options available to enable this cost to be accurately passed on to your guests with minimum admin involved. Alternatively, you could increase your rates to cover installation and charging costs. Either way, you won’t be left out of pocket.

What to consider when installing an EV charger at your holiday home

There are a few points to consider once you’ve decided that an EV charge point is the ideal addition to your holiday home. 

You’ll need to check that your property has a sufficient electricity supply to power a charging station. It’s also important to note that the WCS grant currently only applies to private land, so your property will need to have a driveway or garage. The charging point will need to be installed by an OZEV approved installer, which Mr Charger is! 

Get in touch 

If you’re ready to upgrade your holiday home and reap the benefits, get in touch! We’re leading electric vehicle charging specialists with friendly teams dotted all over the UK. We can provide helpful advice, efficient installation and maintenance to keep your guests on the road. 

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