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Product Reviews Widget

A mobile friendly product reviews widget displaying product & customer attributes, photos, videos as well as questions & answers

Set to show Company Reviews, allows no moderation of reviews in admin from what I can see. Some scope to set number of reviews per page, colours and design in admin.

Review Nuggets Widget

Their is scope to customize some style elements in the admin area before droppping code snippet onto the page. It can also autoplay through its reviews.

A mobile-friendly Review Nuggets Widget that displays excerpts from company and product reviews. It can be placed close to your call-to-action buttons. has a way of filtering reviews called "Nuggets". You pick the best reviews an assign them as "Nuggets" which are then pulled into the Review Nuggets Widget.

Review Nuggets Widget Bar

A smaller version of the Nuggets Widget that displays review nuggets and can be positioned as a sticky bar at the top/bottom of pages.

Carousel Widget

Several versions of this "Carousel" exist.

As with others, scope to edit styles and colours, but no filtering of the reviews.

Floating Sidebar Widget