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Best tethered chargers

What is a tethered EV charger? 

A tethered EV charger has a charging cable permanently attached to the charger. Tethered EV chargers are a popular choice due to the convenience of the cable always being plugged in, meaning minimal set-up effort is required when you’re ready to start charging. The tethered cable will most likely be stored wrapped around the charging unit - as it’s permanently attached to the unit, a tethered cable also offers increased security in comparison to an untethered cable.  

Which is the best tethered EV charger? 

We’ve collated some of the best tethered EV chargers available for installation by Mr Charger. We’re approved installers of the leading EV charge points manufacturers, including Tesla, MyEnergi and Ohme. Mr Charger is brand agnostic, meaning we are not tied to any manufacturer. This lets us always recommend the best EV charger for your needs. 

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VCHGRD Seven Tethered 

Offering 7.4kW of power output, the powerful VCHRGD Seven Tethered provides 25 - 30 miles of charge per hour. The 5m cable and Type 2 Connector provide easy convenience for EV owners. 

MyEnergi Zappi Tethered 

The first ever solar EV charger of its kind, MyEnergi Zappi is an adaptive charger that takes power from the grid, solar or wind, letting you charge up in the most environmentally friendly way available to you. The 6.5 metre extended cable with a Type 2 plug attached provides security and flexibility.

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Tesla Wall Connector

The Tesla Wall Connector is compatible with Models S, 3, X, & Y, and any EV with a Type 2 charging port. The Tesla Wall Connector brings the fastest charging speed for your home or office, adding up to 44 miles of range per hour charged.

Hypervolt Home 3.0

A tethered charging solution with clever cable storage, the Hypervolt Home 3.0 combines high-end looks with clever, functional design. A 5m Type 1 or Type 2 cable is included as standard, or upgrade to 7.5m or 10m for added flexibility.

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Ohme Home Pro

Driving an EV and smart charging with Ohme could get you 6x further - saving money and reducing CO2. Ohme’s smart EV chargers communicate with your car, Ohme servers, and the National Grid to work out the cheapest and greenest times to charge.

Get in touch 

If you now know which is the tethered EV charger for you and are ready for installation, or you’d like some more advice, get in touch with your friendly, local team. 

Untethered EV chargers 

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