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Can you use solar panels to charge EVs?

Can you use solar panels to charge your EV? Yes! 

Using renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind, to charge your EV is not only more sustainable, it’s also free once you’ve invested in home solar panels and a solar compatible EV charge point. We’re approved installers for many of the world’s leading EV charger manufacturers, plenty of which use solar to charge your EV. See below for our recommendations for the best solar compatible EV chargers. 

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VCHRGD Seven  

Available with a socket or tethered, the VCHRGD Seven offers powerful, solar compatible EV charging in a compact design. The Seven prioritises charging when your solar output is high, minimising the amount of power drawn from the grid wherever possible. With an impressive 7.4kW of power output, the VCHRGD Seven provides 25 - 30 miles of charge per hour.

MyEnergi Zappi 

Also available with a socket or tethered, the MyEnergi Zappi is a future-proof EV charging solution that takes advantage of home solar panels and wind generation to give you free travel miles. Zappi also works as a standard home charger, drawing power from the grid, so even when renewable energy sources are low, you can charge up and get where you need to go. 


Hypervolt Home 3.0 

The Hypervolt Home 3.0 offers luxurious home EV charging, without the premium. A tethered charging solution with clever cable storage, this smart charging unit is compatible with all solar panel installations, so you can make the most of free, green energy. 

Andersen A2 

Carefully designed and beautifully made, the Anderson A2 is an EV charging solution that doesn’t compromise on style or function. The only charge point on the market with a completely hidden cable, solar integration uses surplus energy from your solar panels to charge your EV for even more sustainable travel. Available in an impressive 126 colour options. 


Simpson & Partners Home 7 Plus 

Simpson & Partners’ most popular charger, the Home 7 Plus is designed with beautiful, strong, sustainable and weatherproof Accoya® wood. Smaller than a sheet of A4, this robust charger utilises solar power to keep your EV on the road.

Browse all EV charge points 

Explore all solar compatible EV chargers here, or browse all chargers available for installation. Not sure which is the right charger for you? Your local team is ready to help, with friendly, brand-agnostic advice! Or if you know which is the best fit for you, get in touch for a quote today. 

Socket or tethered EV charger? 

You’ll have noticed that a few of these charges are available with the options of socket or tethered. Not sure which to choose? Read our handy guide on the difference between the two, and how to choose which is best for you.