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A very proactive and efficient group of people who were very communicative, informative and helpful throughout the whole process of the installation. Highly recommend.

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Peter, Customer

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Mr Charger provides a brilliant service. Flexible booking to suit your needs. Professional, courteous and tidy installation. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

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Tony, Customer

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Overall a great experience. It's great to have a company where you can talk to people who know what they are doing. They were extremely professional. From initial office staff through to the engineer doing the installation. I would strongly recommend them.

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Jim, Customer

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Tags: Electric Cars | EV Charging Points

What are the UK Smart Charging Regulations?

The number of people transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs) is on the rise, with over 12,000 new EVs registered in the UK in February 2023. The increasing presence of EVs on our roads is fantastic news for the environment, leading to reduced pollution and improved air quality. 

This uptake in EVs means more energy is being used to keep them up and running. No need to worry though, as the National Grid has explained that there’s plenty of capacity to meet this increasing electricity demand, as long as we’re smart about our charging habits. 

To support the growing pressure on the power grid, the UK government has implemented Smart Charging Regulations, which optimise EV charging units to avoid strain on national power resources. The regulations are also beneficial for EV owners, as you’ll now be provided with detailed information on your charging history, alongside additional security measures to protect your charger. Let’s dive into the specifics. 

EV smart charging 

New EV charge points are now required to come pre-configured with an optimised charging schedule, which means that your EV will default to charging outside of peak demand. This is a great way to reduce the cost of charging your EV if you’re on a time of use tariff, and also places less pressure on the grid during busy periods. 

Don’t panic if you need to charge outside of these preset hours though, as you can override these systems using your charging app. 

EV charger random delay 

Each EV charger now has a random delay of up to ten minutes at the start or end of your charging schedule, or after a power interruption. This helps protect the grid from surges in demand, particularly at the beginning of pre-configured charging schedules. However, you can override this delay if you’re eager to get back on the road again. 

It’s worth noting that this random delay can cause your EV to briefly charge outside of low tariff hours, meaning you could be paying for up to ten minutes of higher charges. If this is a concern, many EV charging apps now send alerts when the delay is active, so you can keep an eye on, and override, any delays. 

Track your EV charging 

EV chargers are continuously developing, as improved, faster technology becomes available. New EV charging points have increased functionality, so you can stay on top of your charging usage. You can view additional information on charging sessions and track charging events from over the past 12 months, to keep an eye on your EV’s battery health. 

EV charger security 

The last thing you want when charging your EV is to be worried about security. EV chargers now have several enhanced security features to make owning and charging your EV as safe as possible, including recording and notifying you of any attempts to remove the front cover. 

EV charger software updates 

Improved security will also include more transparent and secure software updates. EV owners are able to easily view which software version their chargepoint has, and when updates are due.

EV charging installation 

Now that you know all about the UK Smart Charging Regulations, it’s time to have your EV charging point installed! Mr Charger are OZEV approved, leading experts for electric vehicle charging points, with friendly franchises located nationwide. 

Whether you want some helpful advice, are after a quote, or just have a question, get in touch by calling 0800 669 6159, or email