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Mr Charger franchise joins the British Franchise Association

In a commitment to ethical franchising, and ensuring franchisees feel confident about the viability of their businesses, Mr Charger is proud to announce their membership into the bfa.

When you join a franchise, you want to be sure of their commitment to you, as well as to the growth of the brand. It helps to reduce some of the fear of starting a business, when you know the brand you’re investing in has your best interests at heart, too.

Which is why, for Mr Charger, it is a proud moment for us to announce our Membership into the British Franchise Association – a badge of honour we will wear with pride. As a relatively new franchise brand, the support of the bfa as we grow in the UK will provide us with valuable insight and learnings from others in the franchise industry. This, we are confident, will allow us to deliver the best kind of support to our franchise network.

Richard Mills and Martin Wells, Directors of Mr Charger, along with UK & Ireland Development Manager, Chris Bentman, are pleased to have been accepted into the bfa. “We’re excited to formally align ourselves with the bfa, as the lynchpin for franchising in the UK,” Richard says. “Over the last couple of years, Martin, Chris and I have been working hard to establish our franchise model. We invested time to ensure our growing network of franchisees are happy with the support we give them, and the growth potential of their new businesses. The electric vehicle industry is still relatively new in the UK, so we’ve been on a thrilling adventure to turn our business into a brand.”

For those looking for a franchise, the bfa provides a sense of confidence and security around joining one of their member brands. There are over 950+ franchises in the UK, so finding the right one to help you build the future you want is crucial. Something Richard says was an important aspect of their decision to join the bfa, “I believe, being part of the bfa will help us elevate Mr Charger as a credible and trustworthy franchise, as we continue to expand across the UK. Their franchise accreditation process is robust, so this shows the strength and viability of our model. Because of our commitment to our franchisees, it was a no-brainer decision for us, especially if it gives you peace of mind about us.”